Caribbean Countries with Medical Marijuana

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Looking for countries in the Caribbean that have medical cannabis?

CannaCarib has a comprehensive list of medical marijuana destinations in the Caribbean!

Where in the Caribbean has Medical Cannabis?

Puerto Rico has one of the most robust medical marijuana programs in the Caribbean. Getting off to a rough start, medical cannabis is widely available in PR. With easy access to marijuana for tourists, beautiful beaches, and delicious eats. Puerto Rico is one of the best destinations for cannabis in the Caribbean.

Aerial View Bond Beach Jamaica


It’s easy to forget that marijuana is not legal in Jamaica. The stereotype of ganja in the Caribbean is from Jamaica, so you would thing it was fully legal. Medical Marijuana is legal in Jamaica though, and only recently. The medical marijuana law in Jamaica are extremely lax, and offer tons of activities to do for the cannabis tourist!

Medical marijuana was passed in the US Virgin Islands in 2019, but is still not available in the territory. The USVI has been working diligently to get its medical cannabis program off the ground. The rules and regulations are in the process of being written.  When medical cannabis will be available in the Virgin Islands remains to be seen.

Small Boats in Caribbean Sea - Cartagena Colombia


Columbia is more famous for coca than it is for cannabis, but it’s history with cannabis goes back much further. Colombia is the home of numerous land-race strains of cannabis, and is setting itself up to be the number one producer of cannabis exports in the world. Medical cannabis is legal in Colombia, and unlike the US, only a prescription is needed to purchase marijuana.

Deep Bay Beach in Bermuda


Bermuda is not located in the Caribbean Sea.  But Bermuda is a part of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), and for that reason, we include it in our list of Nations. Bermuda’s medical marijuana program is different than most countries. The Supreme Court ruled that Doctors in the country may prescribe cannabis for medical reasons. No medical marijuana laws exist yet in Bermuda.