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Featuring a smoker’s room, an area for consultation with medical professionals, and herb strains that are 100% local from seed to sale, Island Strains Herb House is a cannabis dispensary where you can purchase and consume medical cannabis with an ocean view. It is reviewed as one of the most beautifully located cannabis dispensaries in the world.

For those patients without existing recommendations, they can consult with Island Strains Herb House’s medical professionals. Their outsourced nurse is able to issue medical cannabis cards to medical patients, after review and intake.

Licensed by the Cannabis Licensing Authority Jamaica and operated by Chris and Maria Gordon, the dispensary offers a wide variety of cannabis strains suited for various medical conditions. The dispensary is a short ride from the airport for medical cannabis patients traveling from abroad.

With warm and friendly customer service, Island Strains Herb House has top shelf products that include flower strains like Blue Cheese, Lemon Kush, Pineapple Chunks, Next, Dr. Bird, and The Rock.


5 Jimmy Cliff Ave, Montego Bay, Jamaica

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